Wednesday, November 17, 2010


firstly, i wanna announce to the whole wide world that i woke up at 8am today. i know it's nothing special but seriously, i've been waking up at three or four in the morning for the past two and a half weeks. so i'm really proud of myself right now. lmao but then, i did wake up several times before the sun came up. so anyways, i'm not going to campus today since it's a public holiday and the library is closed. will be studying at home then. gonna go again tomorrow and hopefully, i'll get to learn some accounting. because seriously, up until now, i have NOT touched any accounting things at all. only studied for economics and commerce maths. i even have more motivation to study for malaysian studies more than accounting. how sad is that? ughh :( i really hope i can pass this unit. i do not want to retake this anymore next semester and i do not want to see the lecturer anymore too. lol

p/s: to anyone who's reading this right now, please please pray that i pass my finals next week kay? THANK YOU :)