Saturday, November 13, 2010


haven't been blogging lately. guess i'm too busy to update. well, now that all my assignments are done, i have to prepare for my final exams. it's in one week and i have four units to cover. of which two of the units, i have totally no idea what it is about. and the other two, i have to keep up and keep reading/doing exercises. lol hope i can get through with the finals asap. all i want is to pass, and if possible, get good results and enjoyyyyyyy.

then again, i'm not really looking forward to the holidays cause everyone's going back to their own hometown and it'll be boring. two and a half months. what can i do? i wanna work but i don't want a full time job. i want a part time one. maybe a weekend job or something. cause i don't want to overtire myself. and i got a lot of things to take care of. things like my skin, my face, my hair, my room, everything. i'm gonna do a huge spring cleaning, do masks, and wear long sleeves clothes when i go out just so i don't become darker. rofl

i'm looking forward to chinese new year too. i wanna get lots and lots of hong bao. aiming for RM1000 next year. hopefully i can do it. *crosses fingers* ahh, i miss the chinese new year food so much. and speaking of chinese new year, i kinda miss my grandma. it's been more than a year since she left and things have been really different. we hardly have family gatherings anymore. :( it's like the moment she left, my childhood left with her too. and my cousin in ipoh too. she passed away in february earlier this year. i miss her too. especially my dad cause they were so close before. oh damn, i think i'm gonna start to cry again T_T

to be honest, i really really really miss my childhood days so much. we used to have so much gatherings together. i still remember the times where we all used to play and laugh and talk together too. it was so much fun. but now, everyone's grown up already and going their own ways. things have changed too. awwww. :'(

ah well, it's already in the past. no point writing so much cause if i did, i don't think i will ever stop writing. why? because this is only about my dad's side. there's still more on my mum's side. lol i guess i should stop now. need to go and study for my finals. will be updating again soon. or after the exams. toodles ~

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