Sunday, November 21, 2010


tomorrow is the day. accounting 062 will be the first paper. and surprisingly, i am kinda glad about it. wanna know why? just because i want to get over with this paper asap. i seriously cannot wait for the exam to end so i can just jump for joy and continue to study for the other three units. but i am glad also that by today, i have finished reading four chapters of accounting. i kinda lost my bank reconciliation lecture notes but that's okay. will go download it from moodle later to read. now, i'm gonna go through chapter one, two, three and four just to refresh my mind of what we've been learning in the past few months. honestly, until now i still can't really memorize the formats for the income statements and stuff. i'm still kinda bad at differentiating what should go where and this and that. hopefully by tomorrow i'll get everything into my brain and sit for the exams without much problems. my target for this unit is just a pass and nothing more. i'd be happy to get a P for this but i don't wanna be so greedy. besides, accounting is so not my thing. so i doubt that i'll be doing any good for this unit at all. lol

so yeah, all the best to every foundation student who's gonna sit for their exams tomorrow. let's diestrive for the best together! :)

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