Monday, November 15, 2010


exams in a week! i can't seem to concentrate on studying. especially when my lappy is in front of me. lol but at least i managed to almost finish reading economics. you know, this morning i told myself that i want to study either accounting or maths in campus today and brought all my notes. so i was going to campus feeling kinda excited to study for something which is not economics. but then, when we went to library, i saw that one of my classmates brought his economics notes and guess what? i ended up studying for economics again. the whole day. =____________=" like wtheck? i'm supposed to be studying for something else. not economics again. lol not that i can guarantee get good results for studying economics so much but at least i took the time to read and sort of understand it.

ah well, i'm doing my maths revision exercise now. just because the revision class is tomorrow. another last minute work. but that's okay. as long as i did my work, that's enough. and accounting, i think i'll study for it tomorrow morning. since i'm already sleepy and i haven't even started with the exercise. just went through the questions only. lmao

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