Tuesday, November 16, 2010


good morning y'all. i feel good. got the studying mood right when i woke up this morning. :) hope i can really study hard for my finals next week. i seriously do not want to fail any of the units i'm taking this semester. if i do, i won't be able to go to degree next year. and i don't wanna be slower than my classmates. to anyone who reads this, do pray for me alright? i suck big time in accounting and maths. but i think maths should be okay since i did keep up with it but for accounting, i have been blur since the very first class this sem. i don't get anything at all and i never know what the lecturer is teaching :\ so yeah, you can see that i'm really desperate here. lmao

and one thing, i deactivated my facebook account last night. hope i can survive until after the exams. lol but i think it's okay since the main reason i login to facebook is to talk to my darling. and since she's got twitter now, we can just talk there. no need to go to facebook anymore. besides, twitter is just as addictive as facebook ;)

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