Wednesday, December 1, 2010


it's been one week since the exams ended. well, i've been going out for three days straight from last wednesday until friday. then i took a break during the weekend and went out again on monday. i think i've been going out way too much. gotta stay at home more often now. but then, it's the second day since i've stayed at home and i'm already very bored. well, i actually have things to do but then i'm like super lazy at the moment. lmao i'll list out some of the things that i'm supposed to do/plan to do this holidays:

1. clean my room
2. vacuum the floor (of my room XD)
3. iron clothes
4. watch drama online/tv
5. get myself a job
6. do totally nothing at all
7. take care of my skin
8. don't go under the sun/use sunblock every time i go out
9. play badminton
10. spend time with my sister

and so the above 10 things are currently in my to-do list. any suggestions on what i should add or remove from the list? cause i seriously don't know what other things i can do. lol and i think that the very first thing i'd do on my list is number six. HAHA. that's what i've been planning to do since before the exams. cause there was this period of time where i was like so busy rushing assignments everyday. i had to go school at 8am and go back by 5pm or sometimes later. i had to go school even on fridays(fyi i do not have classes on fridays). it was really tiring. i even had to wake up at 4am too just to get it done. so i was friggen busy and didn't have time to rest at all. so i told myself that this holidays, i have to find a few days to just lie in bed and do totally nothing for the entire day. just to compensate the restless days during the semester. HAHA.

but then, do you think three months is enough or too long for me to complete the above tasks? ughhh :\

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