Monday, November 22, 2010



i am so effing glad that i'm done with the exams. but i am kinda sad too cause i didn't do well at all. i hope i don't fail this unit at all. i seriously do not want to repeat it. i wanna graduate from foundation and move up to degree! *shows determined face

anyways, i'll be having economics exam tomorrow. somehow i'm starting to feel lazy. not a good thing pls. i wanna get my studying mode on and do my best for this unit. i know i can score for this. a P should be no problem i guess but i wanna aim for D. and this time, i'm more determined. lol after economics exam, i'd need to study for maths and also malaysian studies. and after 2pm on wednesday, i can seriously run to the lake behind G3(since my exam location is there) and screaaaaaaam. :D

can't wait for the exams to be over and i'll be free. gonna go play with mah friends and have fun. but for now, i gotta focus on my economics. wanna do good for this unit. so yeah, toodles!

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