Wednesday, November 17, 2010


at first it was friggen hot. then suddenly, the wind is starting to become really strong. now the sky is half bright and half dark. i wonder what's going on with the weather lately. :\ seriously hope that it's not the end of the world. lol jk *slaps mouth* touch wood touch wood. i don't want the world to end now. not when i'm alone at home and my parents and sister are nowhere near me. *think too much*

anyways, half the morning is gone and i'm still doing nothing. i mean, my accounting textbook and notes are all in front of me right now but i don't seem to be motivated at all to even read it. i even thought of putting this aside to study for maths first. ughh and my head hurts. not liking it at all. it totally took away my accounting studying mood. about an hour ago, i was like searching for some old clothes that i hardly wear anymore and felt like wearing it. so i went to dig all the un-ironed clothes and found some of the tees that i haven't worn in ages. lol then after that my dad came back and i went downstairs to talk to him and look for food. and now i'm back upstairs, i start googling for things. =______________="

can somebody please save me? i seriously do not think i can study for this unit at all. seriously no motivation and i don't know anything about this unit. besides, if there is anything i don't understand, there's nobody for me to ask you know. oh goshh i feel hopeless. but i should not lose hope so fast. i've already given up facebook to study, so i should just continue on right? oh Lord, please guide me through and let me pass this unit. *shows the kelian face* :(

oh and one thing, Twitter is seriously being a bitch right now. my internet connection has already been bitchy the past few days, but now Twitter too? wtheck? it kept showing "Sorry! You've reached the hourly usage limit. Try again soon". very very annoying pls. it's like i want to tweet but i can't. bahh, i think i should go do some mathsaccounting now. XD

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