Friday, March 20, 2009

the holidays are almost over.
this time, i havent been wasting my holidays doing nothing.
ive done quite alot actly.
like clearing up my room an moving the friggen computer away.
and last night i actly slept without having the computer next to me.
its the first time in so many years that the computer is actly out of my room.
i so cannot believe it.
im sitting here in the other room typing this and listening to songs.
it doesnt really feel good to use the computer here.
and one thing, my room feels very empty.
im not used to having so much extra space in my room.
oh and did i mentioned that daddy moved the tv away too? -__________-"
and after everything is cleared up,
my room will be nth but empty and uhh boring.

btw, the idk why but sth is seriously wrong with my internet connection.
luckily the whole thing like suddenly can connect
but im sure it'll become cacated again in about an hour or so or less @@

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