Thursday, March 19, 2009

i can finally online.
omg the internet line is seriously very cacated laa.
aduhh i couldnt online the whole day yesterday
i couldve died if the line didnt get any better today.
lol maybe not that cham but it felt like that.
luckily i was out until night.
if not, i think i wouldve died already @@

anyways, the computer is officially out of my room
it feels weird everytime i enter my room
cause the table right beside the door is moved to the other side
and my bed already changed direction. haih
gonna miss having the comp in my room laa.
i cant even listen to songs anymore when i go to sleep at night.
babi lah my silly head problem.
if not, the comp would still be in my room.

btw, MISS MELODY, if youre reading this
i want to tell you that because of you i kinda really like W705 :O
surprised? who ask you lor.
always talking about how much you love it
until monday when i saw the phone then i start to like it also.

ps: darling, sorry i cant go out anymore this week. am kinda busy clearing up my room and some other stuffs. we go out some other time k? ^^

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