Saturday, March 7, 2009

i jst remembered that i forgot to post sth
which was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago. lol
and that is this --> why is 黃文星 sooooooo hot? omg
i know its a silly thing but omg he really became very hot laa.
i saw him on 百萬大歌星 the other day and he became very good looking lo.
much much better than how he looked like in Love or Bread.
oh oh and George Hu is also very very very hot laa. omg
sooooo many hot people appearing in front of my eyes(of course thrs the comp screen in btw)

lol anyways, theres no school on monday.
wooots, no school means no exam.
which means i have one extra day to study for chemistry.
hopefully this time i can put on full concentration to study for it.
i really wanna score for this subject ba.
and not forgetting biology too, which is next thursday :\

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