Wednesday, March 11, 2009

two more days and i am freeeeee !
having biology test tmr.
and im like still very blur about everything?
omg someone pls help me >< style="font-style: italic;">*SIGH*

at least thrs a one week break starting this Saturday.
can sleeeeep and watch dramas le.
but hor, thrs so much to be done during this holidays.
dont think i can even rest.
i need to clean my room,
iron the many baju(s) piling up higher than my sisterlike a mini hill in the other room,
find my long lost form 4 notes so i can do revision,
do the sleep test(luckily i can do that at home) ,
move the computer, yes i have to move it out of my room :((

uhh, i think i'll be very busy in this one week.
jst hope i have enough time to sleep and watch dramas.
besides, after this hols i doubt that i'll be so free anymore.
cause like spm is coming reaaaaal soon and like i need to start studying.

ps: darling if youre reading this, must jia you and be a strong and happy fish k? i'll always support you^^
pps: Happy Birthday Della !

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