Saturday, March 14, 2009


okay, since the internet line is suddenly good at the moment
i shall blog about some stuffs that's been happening lately
(cause i havent been blogging much).
starting off was last Saturday.
my nephew jst turned 1 month old and we had lunch at Kok Chee Restaurant.
the food there is quite good actly.
esp the famous Peking(however you spell it) Duck.
oh and my cousin ordered roasted pig :D
havent eaten that since like forever.
and it isnt available at Han Palace anymore :( :( :(

the roasted piggy.

then after lunch we went over to my cousin's house.
sat there and talk talk talk and played with the kids.
then my cousin showed us this mini puzzle thingy.
omg laa, it looks reaaaally cute.
its for kids to play and one piece of the puzzle is as big as my thumb nail.
so you can imagine how tiny it is.
i know it may not be anything special but to a sakai like me,
its soooooooo cute lah. :P

see the size of the puzzle? lol

then on Monday(public holiday), we went to KB for breakfast.
i know i know, going thr for breakfast only wtf.
haha it was a kinda really short trip laa.
went thr in the morning then came back around after noon?
bought a Cadbury Easter egg thr also :D

and in my previous post, i did mention about not sleeping right?
lol so i stayed up all night wanting to study.
which i did, but not all night long. haha
i kinda gave up when i got abit tired
cause i thought like
"im alrdy last in class, what for need to study> =="
so yeah, i watched televisioncomputer from around 3am until 5am.

"what you do when you get bored of studying" - quoted, D.S.

oh and exams ended yesterday.
woooooohoooooooooo ~!
i am officially free for the week.
besides,i have enough to clean my messy room
and iron all the clothes alrdy.

and today, my sister and i actly went out for breakfast with my parents.
its been reaaaaaally long since we last ate breakfast together on a Saturday.
but then my grandmama followed also.
so we went to eat at the open market.
after that i pei-ed my grandmama go Dr. Arif there "wash" her leg.
at first i thought washing meant cleaning with water and medicine.
but who knew it was this(see below). lol

shes standing on one foot btw.

went to the Isuzu thingy2 with daddy, Vallamy and Patricia jst now.
kinda alot of people there lo.
saw some familiar faces too.
there were performances by KL artists, games and also children singing comp.
of course, food is being sold there also.
the people there were smart also to get those famous food stalls to come sell food.
got Nagaliar, the Krokop 6 Ice Kacang, then err Satay House also i think?
ohh and theres Burger Sam too :D
the thingy2 is for today and tmr only (14th & 15th March 2009).
so if you guys havent go, you better get going now. haha

btw, i'll be going on a date with darling later.
woooots, havent seen her since our last date which was November '08.
lol so i'll be updating more then :D

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