Friday, March 13, 2009


i cant believe that i did not sleep last night.
ive wasted my 8 hour of beauty sleep staring at the bio notes.
okay, so maybe it wasnt that long
cause i was in front of the computer.
yes, i was online almost the whole time XD
i opened and closed Mozilla more than 5 times the whole night.
cause wanna study but when no mood,
i'll go open it and continue surfing the net.
and at around 2 sth o clock i gave up reading
and went to watch Corner With Love. haha
watched from ep7 until ep9.
after watching i got ready to go to schl
but still, i wasnt ready for the exam.
omggg i was really blur during exam.
did some questions then went to rest.
my head feel very very dizzy lor.

then in the afternoon still got tuition.
but i only went for Chemistry cause i was too tired.
i was so tired i kept yawning and wiping away my tears of sleepiness.
lol and i was like sitting there all alone
and since not everyone came today,
class was actly kinda cold.
and that made me even more sleepier :O
besides, Mdm Hii isnt teaching during add maths class.
we're only doing some revision for Chapter 2 i think.

uhhh, right now i still feel sleepy.
you know, i have been awake for 39 hours straight?
yeapp. i did not sleep since yesterday morning.
woooots, i havent been able to stay awake for so long before.
not that its really long or anything but its cooooool man.
i remembered few years back when i stayed up all night watching Full House.
then the next morning i slept for 2-3 hours on the sofa.
hahaha well im feeling really cacated at the moment.
will be going to sleep in about an hour,
so that i'll be awake for 40 hours straight.
lol i know it sounds silly but whatever, its cool alright? :P

oh oh and before i forget,
the SPM results came out today.
i havent officially went to check out my school's results yet though.
will be doing so before exam starts tmr. haha
need to go kepo2 sikit bahh. lol
anyways, a very good friend of mine went to get her results also today.
i thought she wont be going as she was supposed to have class that day
but who knew she said that the lecturer isnt around?
lol so yeah, i waited for her results from like 9.30am all the way until 12pm
when she finally msged me saying that she got straight A's.
although its not all A1 but youve done a really good job
and i, MISS VIVIAN LEE, am honored to say that i am proud of you :D
(you know, i have been praying for you all these while. lmaooo)


Milo and Me :D


ps: this was supposed to be posted yesterday. but after tuition sth went wrong with the comp and server was down so i couldnt even go online(yes, i know its a reaaaaally sad thing T____T). but im veeeeeeery happy that its back to normal liao. omg Thank God everything's fine now. maybe cause today's Friday 13th and its my lucky day. lol


MeLo♥ said...

thanks Vian ><
I love that pic of you and me

ahviann said...

lol i know you like that pic alot so i used it. haha

MeLo♥ said...

haha.. wooiseh.. touched!!!