Friday, March 28, 2008


sumthin's wrong with the date of the post. its supposed to be today. 1st april -_____________-"

been kinda busy lately with some few activities lining up since last week. but im not gonna blog about it. too lazy di. as i remembered, daddy sent me to parkson to watch the shuffle comp. sadly, i only watched for like half an hour? went inside to find Pricilla and we walked around parkson. havent seen her in quite a while. masih cantek lah (: then we went to dinner at
Tanjung Seafood. finished around nine plus then we sent mummy and my sister back home then we went to pick my bapa angkat who came back with his family. and off we went to the lounge in Marriott Hotel. we reached home by midnight and had to wake up early the next day for church. Cass follow me as there was this talk on Physics subject which i went to after mass. had tuition in the afternoon and in the evening we went to Esplanade. and well yesterday assembly ended very early. it was only like half an hour. gosh. firs
t time i think. HAHA. but Cikgu Brian kept us in the hall. he wanted to put us there for one hour and a half. he told the prefects to go out and close down the shutters. so like only us students were in there. ten minutes later he came in cause everyone was being noisy and he decided to add another half hour. which means we were gonna be stuck in the hall for two whole hours? well, luckily when he came in and sat on stage, everyone started to quiet down. and the fans were switched off so it was kinda very stuffy inside. he didnt let everyone out at once. he only chose the quiet lines/people. and when it was my turn, i thought i was lucky. who knows, it turned out to be Unlucky after all. the prefects saw my highlight. and so my name was written BIG BIG together with the "mistake i made". i think im gonna cover up the highlight this weekend. EVENTHOUGH ITS LIKE ONLY FEW STRANDS OF HAIR.
i feel so pissed right now. i like my highlight bahs. its like only at my front hair. the back is nothing de. dehhh. and today's april fools. got fooled few times today. aduh. and *AHEM* SOMEONE BROUGHT SHAMPOO[from the hotel] AND TOOTHPASTE TO SCHOOL TODAY. wonder who is it hor? HAHAHA.
btw, heres some pics i took in the past few days. its randomly placed. have fun looking at em :D

the rose hand pumped by Nicholas again i think

yummy food *yummm*

they look good together xD

shuffle comp *AHEM*

pricilla :D

me and cass. HAHA.

see my eyebags? T________T

wanna smoke? buy Mild Seven LIGHT :P

Numees (:

Ricky Vallamy Roland.

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