Friday, April 4, 2008


i can hear the sound of raindrops on the roof.
its been a while since it last rained.
lately ive been listening to jay chou over and over again.
im addicted to two main things right now.
1. HIM
2. jay chou's songs
so many thoughts running in my mind.
i think im gonna be paranoid soon.
people often tell me that i think too much.
maybe im jst making life hard.
and im confused about a hell lots of things.
and my life aint getting better at all.
instead i think its becoming worse than i expected.
so much for hoping for a good year.
its useless to wish so hard for sumthin.
somehow right now i feel very pissed.
my gosh ! so so geram lah.
i think im gonna continue in pinyin.



i actually wrote in chinese. cool ay? it was supposed to be in pinyin. but i remembered that using the comp to write in chinese is quite simple. so jst write in chinese. HAHA. but that doesnt mean i can actually read a whole chinese book. well, im tired and i should be off to bed now. ciao !

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Joan said...

my chinese is so much worse. ahakz! :P