Wednesday, March 12, 2008


yesterday we went to watch 10,000 BC. the movie was nice. i liked it (: and the main character was played by hottie Steven Strait. HAHA. after dinner, i did a research on this dude and guess what, he acted in Sky High before. and he was the playing the dude whom i thought was cute. and guess what? hes only 21 years young ! but then hes engaged i think.

him in sky high

him in 10000 BC

actually it was supposed to be me, michelle, cass and ana. but then ana went off with her *AHEM* guy so it was only the three of us. saw Shaleen there with her *AHEM* also. lols and Stef went there afterwards with Hashley. woooots. three couples. HAHA. got some pics of the three couples but its not in the computer now. will upload them soon ^^

btw, the holidays are getting kinda really bored. ive got replacement tuition in the afternoon. gosh. so not looking forward to it. and later in the evening im going confession. hopefully not much ppl will be there. lols

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