Tuesday, March 18, 2008

in two weeks.

wooots. quite alot have happened in the past two weeks. but im kinda lazy to blog about it so i'll jst shorten it and let the pictures do the talking. btw, heres the pics of the three couples in parkson. as promised in my previous post.




wanna know who they are? HAHA. first one is Shaleen and Brian. second is Stefanie and Hashley. and last but not least, Anastasia and Antony. too bad the pictures are kinda blur. what to do? michelle's hands shaking. lols and well before the holidays, we had the first sumative exams. wasnt good at all =\
the four pictures below shows the ummm, so called swimming pool in my school. cool. NOT. HAHA you can even rare fishes or ducks here man. this is usually what happens after a huge/few days of r

here are some random pictures that i took (:

Marina Bay :-

dinner at Tanjung Seafood :-

picnic at Tanjung :-

extra pictures :-

this is what you should NOT do in church. HAHA

cantek right this apple? so reddd.

my calculator :P

darren's masterpiece.

theres supposed to be more pictures on the other stuffs that happened but sadly my camera wasnt with me and the pics in my phone couldnt be transfered. oh well, at least theres enough pictures here di. and uhhh, holiday's over. exam results coming. ohNO. not good at all.

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