Monday, March 3, 2008

im sick ):

you know, when i wished for 2008 to be a good year and much better than 2007, i dont think its coming true at all. i mean like, look at me now. im sick, for the uhhh, third time this year? GOSH. its like i get sick every month. in january i got gastric + some stomach problem. then during CNY, which was in february, i got fever. and now, march, i got headache + fever again. wonder whats wrong with me. or maybe this is a punishment for messing up 2007.
ive got BM exams today but i didnt go. will be replacing it tmrw. hopefully it aint hard. i really wanna do good in my exams. but i guess this time, my results wont get any better. as usual. the problem with me is my laziness. anyone out there who can cure this deadly disease of mine? i seriously need help *screams*
and yesterday, i skipped tuition but i did go to sunday school. luckily Uncle John let us rest awhile. as we were resting, he started to sing. my gosh. the moment he started singing, my tears like came flowing down my cheeks. i didnt know why i cried but i had this feeling which made me do so. and all of a sudden, i thought of my mum. and my dad and sister too. ahhh, at least noone saw me cry yesterday. if not, PAISEH LAH.

well, im off to study now. got BM, English and Sejarah exams tmrw. wish me luck :D

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