Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i got all my exam papers back. gosh i suck at everything. luckily my english helped me. if not, i wouldve been worse than the condition im in now. and i failed my average. wtf mann. you guys should feel sorry for me.
and one more thing. my sister's having tuition. yes i know, shes so young right? lols anyways, so her tuition is at the pujut seven shop houses there. below the tuition center was a cafe. so yesterday when i was picking my sister up from tuition, there was this table of guys/men. i went up to get her and on the way down, two men arrived in a white Hilux and the windows were tinted. they were walking to the table of guys/men and heres the part of their conversation in chinese that i heard.

cacated man : eh 2008 pai kia
guy at table : where?

cacated man : nehhh [points at my car]

guy at table : oh. that? [laughs]

cacated man : [laughs even louder]

then they continued their conversation. pfffffffffffft. whats so nice to laugh about anyways? i know my car's pretty and all. dont need to get jealous right?

nice leh? better than yrs pls.

isnt this cake the cutest?

look at the sky

thats all for today. HAHA. blog again next time !

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joyce said...


cute cake. whr u get it???