Monday, March 24, 2008

english exam

today i got my english paper back. you know how much i got? wooots. amazingly i actually got 92%. i mean, i havent gotten 90% wait, make it 85% and above since last year? my gosh. so you should know how bad i am. well, dexter stanley wasnt satisfied with his 71% so he kept asking me to go ask teacher to give extra marks. uhhhh, i shouldnt have been so kind cause in the end i got one mark deducted. i know one mark means nothing but then i almost failed every other subject and only english can save me now. ADUH. you know, my teacher like gave me a 16/15 for my section C summary. HAHA. full marks is fifteen and he still gave me sixteen. one extra mark there. but dexter knew about it so he had to open his big mouth and tell teacher. pffffffffffft. byebye my extra mark ):

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