Thursday, March 6, 2008


oosh ! exams over liao. woots. finally, i feel freeeee.

no need to stress di. and i can now smile. but ... when the results are out, i'll be going back to crying. i so suck at addmaths. first exam terus fail. HAHA. cant believe i rested for almost an hour during addmaths exams. which means i did not do most of the questions. adehh. well at least now, no school. no exam. no stress. one whole week of freedom. woots. HAHA. anyways, i TER-saw this thingy last sunday. i think you should see :P

this is the third time it came out. i think. but the past two times were 1st and 2nd prize. dehhh. at least its one of the special numbers now. HAHAHAHA. too bad i didnt buy. wonder who bought that number. lols i'll blog again later when im not so lazy. so ciao !

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