Saturday, March 8, 2008


went to parkson yesterday. watched The Mist. cacated movie mann. dont really like the ending of it. pfffft saw alot of familiar faces there. including ming seng. still cute eh. HAHA. and while i was waiting for my car, this dude totally caught my eye. at first hes back was facing me and i didnt know whether it was a dude or lady. he looked as if he was wearing his pj's to parkson. but when he turned around, cute juga his face. got abit of the korean look. he might even be a korean. we'll never know right? and he was wearing this cute hat, like the one used for gardening. but his pants, sorry lah. not pretty at all. but still, he looked cute. woooots ~

and uhh, holidays jst started. though its only for one week, its good enuff di. can relax and get my mind off things. and jst think about joeeee <3

btw, its raining now. gosh. can hear the rain pouring outside my window. jiwangnya. usually i'll think alot on rainy days. especially now since its already night time. so much stuffs in my mind all of a sudden =\
well, i guess i should sleep first. to avoid anything from happening. nite nite (:

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