Tuesday, January 1, 2008


its english new years eve. time flies and we dont even realize it. so much have happened in 2oo7 and i really hope that right now, in this new year things will be much much better than before. *sighs* thinking back, 2oo7 wasnt that bad of a year. its jst that unexpected things happen, you know and like it aint good at all. aihhh well its all in the past now. we hafta look straight ahead and keep going forwards. no more turning back and no more regrets. all that have happened will jst be memories. its a new year. new beginning. new resolutions. new everything there is that needs to be new. and i also hope that this year will go smoothly for everyone. you guys know, one of my new year resolution this year is that i stop crying so much. lols i know it sounds stupid but i seriously need to stop it. and i also need to stop thinking so much. if i dont stop both, i might be over paranoid even before my SPM. btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 新年快乐 ! SELAMAT TAHUN BARU !

well since its past midnight liao, YESTERDAY was a busy and tiring day. woke up before seven in the morning and had breakfast about two hours after ive woken up. my cousin Andrea and her mum came to our house at about 10am cause she wanted to play with my sister. we went to Boulevard a while later to buy my sister's school shoes and to take a look at some other stuffs too cause there was this huge sale going on for few days.

look at all the tags hanging around.

my cousin, Andrea

the extra extra extra large clothes xD

we searched for the shoes but we couldnt find any. so daddy drove us off to the Bata shop in town. on the way there, we were stuck in this traffic jam. my sister then bought a pair of school shoes and a pair of slippers. my cousin also bought one pair.

traffic jam at the road between Imperial and Parkson

Vallamy and Andrea

after buying the shoes, we went for lunch at he Miri City Food Court, i think, located in Krokop.

the China pull noodles? or known as ramen. i think

reached home around before 1pm and the two girls started to do some arts and crafts. meanwhile the other two ladies, referring to my mum and my aunt, they went off to Parkson about an hour after we got home. i actually wanted to go along but then i had to stay at home to babysit the girls.

them doing their arts thingy.

they also watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie. thank goodness they watched it. if not, i wouldnt have the time to take a short nap.

sitting there watching the movie

in the evening, we went to Imperial Hotel to swim. well only the two girls that were swimming. if im not mistaken, outsiders are not allowed to swim there right? good thing my "bapa" was staying there so we can go swim. and since my "girl adik" is turning one in less than two months, mummy and i went to buy her a present. we also bought two gifts for her elder brothers.

view of Halo Cafe from the 5th floor


they swam for less than an hour i think and we went back home. ten minutes later, we left the house to go for dinner to celebrate my cousin Nelly's 4th birthday. take a look at the attractive cake. original ones found only in Hot Cross Bun, the best bakery in Miri (:

this one is the Bee Hive

dinner ended and we went back home. five minutes later daddy said that it was still early and insisted that we go shopping. so we drove off to Imperial Mall, again. there was a wushu performance and it was kinda interesting. they also had lion dance.

the many balloons inside the net

people collecting their gifts

when the performance finished, the MC announced that there will be this game thingy. above the stage was about 800-1000 balloons tied up in a net. inside every balloon is a small piece of paper. each color represents what you win. gosh. and when they let down the balloons, everyone were like popping em and kept finding for the colored paper. in the end, i won like a tiny packet of 3 in 1 vico [-_____________-"] and a pair of headphones. lol we then went back home and watched abit of tv. i got tired and went to bath. when i finished bathing, i didnt feel so tired anymore so i started to blog. and now its 1.57am and im very very tired. *yawns*

and once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2oo8 !!

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