Wednesday, January 23, 2008

that afternoon

three days ago, stef michelle ana assan and albinus went to cass' house to do their EST project. sabbie and i went along with them to main2 lah. at first cass told me that only 10% is doing their project and 90% is playing around. mana tahu the whole afternoon, 100% is playing around instead. NONE OF THEM did their projects. lol heres some pictures i took.

assan in his boxers

cass. assan. stef.

cass "molesting" albinus

*AHEM* stef and assan

sabs showing how rich she is. lol

michelle && sabbie

sabs doing maths && albinus playing counter strike

you see their kaki[s]. lol

so in the end, everyone went home without doing anything. HAHA, so its like an afternoon of fun instead of doing work. btw, the internet line is very very very lagging these days. so geram.

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BLueY said...

haha. hey, cool! it's not like u get to do this kind of thing everytime. :P woops.. haha.

by the way, i'm joan YANG. just changed the name

for fun.