Friday, January 18, 2008

i wont forget today

todays a very ummm kinda "soi" day for many of us. especially those who sat with me during lunch today. but then its also sort of lucky you know. cause i never really got to experience this kinda thing. LOL
so as you can see, i stayed back for softball practice in the afternoon and i went to tanjung seafood there to eat. me and michelle walked there and saw quite alot of people from school waiting for their lunches. rachel and her three friends were sitting at the table nearest to the roadside. michelle thought that it would be windier if we sat with them so we jst took our seats. and in less than five minutes, we heard this screeching sound from a car thats coming and suddenly *BOOM* the car overturned. gosh was it scary. the image of the whole thing is still in my mind. luckily noone was hurt. and THANK GOD that there wasnt anything on the back of the car or else it wouldve hit us =\

you see the thingy on the table? we were sitting there when it happened

the car's condition was still okay lah. im jst glad that noone was hurt.

btw, i got sunburnt mann. cause of friggin' softball T_________T

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Joan said...

ur life sure is interesting! :)