Monday, January 21, 2008

sakit lah

im sick !

its 7.58 in the morning and im sitting here in my room blogging. which means, I DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL TODAY. good also lah. can become babi and sleeeeeep. but then, sure got lots of homework. grrrr !
and guess what time i slept yesterday? HAHA. i slept at 5.45 in the evening. cool? nahhhh. my head was spinning when i got up at 9pm. went online a while and went back to sleep at 11pm. then sleep halfway, heard my msn receiving nudges and IM's from "darling" mr babi hutan. lol that time it was like 2.37am and somehow my room was freezing cold. so i switched it off and went back to sleep. uhhhs; now i feel like puking. bluekkk !

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