Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i feel so so UNcomfortable. i feel shitty. and yucky and all. i dont know why im feeling this way. i was really hoping for smooth sailing throughout this year and guess what. its only the 15th of january and so many things have already gone wrong. wtf.. this aint supposed to happen lah dude. i feel so pissed.

and whats with new years resolution? pfffffft. ive made mine and i dont think im gonna achieve any of it. whats the point of making em when what you wish for jst doesnt come true. its exactly like wishing on stars. jst that this one is more realistic. *sighs*

you know, i get back from school everyday having headaches and feeling so tired and moodless. piiiiiiiiig lah. i wanna go on a vacation. to some place faraway from here. jst to get my mind off some few things thats been bugging me for quite long.

and *AHEM* one more important thing. what the heck is wrong with me. im not really being myself lately. and i havent been praying to God and the rosary everyday. gosh. i feel guilty now. no wonder my lifes been outta place these days >.<

i very love my confirmation name :D
-- zoe // 祖怡 --

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