Monday, January 28, 2008

off to BANDAR

i went to bandar yesterday !

oh yes. i finally went to bandar. after almost half a year of not going there, i finally had the chance to go. very happy lah i. LOL
i seriously miss that place like so damn much. eventhough it was jst a day trip, i had fun. and *AHEM* i did not go to sunday school.
we left for bandar at around 10am and mummy's colleague tagged al
ong too. since she was young, its alright for her to follow. if shes like an auntie then no thank you. HAHA.
daddy drove kinda fast so we reached in less than two hours. which was a good thing. lols the first place we went to was Teo Poi Hoon. my favorite restaurant in bandar. they serve superly delicious food and the best watermelon juice ever.
after lunch, we went shopping until evening. we went to like four diff place to shop. and all the malls were crowded esp "The Mall". the place was very very packed with many diff kinds of people. theres guys and girls and men and women and kids and uchaks and ahbengs and ahlians and goths and emos and punks, anything. you name it and theyre there. LOL
for dinner, we're supposed to go eat at Escapade but there was traffic jam everywhere. and i mean everywhere. you look left right front and back. all the roads are blocked. somehow, everyone wanted to go shopping yesterday. HAHAHA.
so in the end we had to go to Seria to makan the kolok mee and fried kueh tiaw. kesian kan? T__________T
on the way back, we saw like hundreds of cars at the customs waiting f
or their passports to be chopped and cepatcepat go back home. the queue was like from the Brunei custom all the way to the Miri custom. HAHAHA.
well we came back at around 9pm and gosh i was superly exhausted. i got ready for bed and slept in within three minutes. hehs

the many cars coming down to Miri

driving at more than 140km/h. HAHAHA

best chinese food in Bandar (:

the king sized watermelon juice compared to a normal cup

some other pictures i took during the trip :

the weird looking lantern

p/s: somethings wrong with blogger. suddenly cannot continue uploading pictures. hmph ! i'll continue posting the leftover pictures later then. byebyebye

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