Saturday, January 5, 2008

its saturday

few days ago i went to Seria with my family. and it was like one of the shortest trips ever. we left home at 10am+ and left Seria at 12pm+. gosh only two hours spent there? or less. LOL

on the way there

first, we went to Supa Save. then off to lunch. was supposed to go Escapade but it was fully booked. and half the people in the restaurant were Mirians. pffffft. so we went to some weird looking place to eat instead.

the teacups in the roundabout

the many different attractive drinks

the pretty looking bread

we had lunch in this orange place thingy.

theres actually four of this orange thingy connected by the long purple "bridge". the place looks colorful and well funny. overall, this was a very fast trip. and im proud to say that i went out of and back into Malaysia for about two hours only. LOL

btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you david (:

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Joan said...

love the teacups. XD