Friday, December 28, 2007

dedicated to mr tan teck hung (:

i like this picture (:

today, my post will be about him. the guy in the picture. lols
i dont know so much about him so im gonna make this a short one.

if you girls find him attractive, dont ask me but go find him at riam tech.
so ummm i "knew" him in august i think.
around few days afte
r the drag race thingy.
hes a really nice dude, and hes like a 超好笑的人 sometimes. HAHA
he says he doesnt blog cause his english not good. pffft.
where got such things har?
if english not good then blog in chinese lor. tsk tsk tsk

one more thing. why did you cut your fringe?

like this nice enuff liao lah

hmmm. but if cut liao also not bad lah. lols

dont force little kids take picture with you lah. kelien her ):

and heres a picture of him with his old specs.

him and abel

now this is him with his new specs.

HAHAHA "不好笑"

wait . i forgot to to introduce him.
his name is written in the title there. lols
hes nineteen this year[2oo7] which means hes still kinda young.
currently studying in riam institute of technology, miri.
he also has a part time job.
for more info, do find him HERE.

ahung, hope you dont dislike this post. its like 12.13am right now and im still online posting this. so tired liao ler *yawns* it took me like more than half an hour to write this whole thingy you know. so you hafta appreciate this. im like "promoting" you leh ;P


bla bla said...

argh..y u put got new spec de pic..luckly i dint sent u my naked pic...haliluyah

look into my eyes and dont make me cry - said...

aiyo. if got also i wont post it here lah. later ppl call me bian tai bahs.