Sunday, September 2, 2007

am i too late?

trials on tuesday. i havent been studying at all. what the heck is wrong with me. you know, i try not to write about depressing stuffs here but this time, its an exception. i really cant stand it anymore. PMR in 29 more days. dammit lah. im trying to do sejarah now but its like sooo UNinteresting. everytime i look at my book, i tend to feel either tired or my headaches start to come. and one more VERY important thingy is that i cannot lah. well abit2 like that can lah. but not 100% ):
i want good results. i want to make my parents proud. i want to show my aunts that although im the laziest person you all have ever known, i can ace my exams. i dont want to fail in this exam. i dont want to let my parents down. i dont want my dad to think that i can never do good in my exams. i dont want my mum to feel so sick and tired of me for being this lazy pig who does nothing but complain, never helping her, talks loudly and loosing my temper every single time. *sighs* what the heck can i do? im like struggling to do last-minute studying right now and starting tmrw, i'll try not to online until after PMR. its only 29 days. its not like i would die without the computer right? i need to start being rajin and less lazy.
you know, people who wants to strive for staight A's all do their preparations like starting in Form 1. well, look at me. until now, even when my 2nd trials is in two days, im still ever so selamba and still online here online there, music here music there, sms here sms there. and also, SLEEPING when i should be studying.
and to anyone who reads this, please please please pray for me. i really need it right now. and hopefully its not too late for me to study. my very smart cousin told me that he also did last minute studying. like pia-ing two weeks before the actual exams. hope i can do that too but two weeks earlier lah. and like one problem is that he is very smart and i am NOT.

*im still very pissed. well pissed at almost everything/one*

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