Wednesday, September 12, 2007


hmmmm. todays kinda tiring. well, i woke up then got ready and waited for my uncle to send me to school. we left the house late today. around 6.15am like that. mr uncle didnt pick samuel and joanna today. so its only me and nelius lah. hmmm. reached the st co traffic lights at 6.30am and it was raining kinda heavily that time. kinda cold. and guess what, nelius was listening to techno. which is a nice thing esp during early rainy mornings ---> early morning + raining + techno = awesome (: haha it was fun until my uncle go switch to radio. dammit. i hate listening to it. those ladies singing with their extra high-pitched voices. and the songs are like from the 50's and 60's. adehhh.

when we reached the outside of CH, nelius told my uncle to drive into the school as it was still raining. we kinda got stuck outside the school for like 20 minutes. as my uncle wanted to turn into the school, guess who i saw? omg. its that dude. i havent seen him since january i think. and hes like becoming more eng tao than before. he used to be in the same tuition as me last year end. you know, BM class was the most packed one and out of all the guys there, he was the one who looked the nicest. I mean like hes got the hair, the phone, the clothes and the style. gosh. although hes like two years younger, hes still cute. his hair has grown and he wore contacts this time. so much more eng tao. hehehe :P

after that, mr uncle sent me to school and it was a kinda boring day. the only teacher that went into class was mdm ho. and she like jst gave us this piece of paper to do. then *poof* she was gone. until the next peroid then she come back and left the class. the majils anugerah ended at about 10.30am and when miss loy came into class, she told us that we're allowed to go home if we wanted to. so, i went to call daddy, get my stuffs and went outside. waited for more than half an hour then baru he come. we sent cass back home and i terus went to bath and got ready. my cousin and his family tagged along too. it was their idea to go anyways. we were gonna go overseas, outta malaysia. well not exactly overseas but it is outta malaysia. guess where we went? its none other than brunei. we didnt go to bandar though. jst went seria to eat and spent the whole afternoon in kuala belait. actually we're supposed to go bandar to help my other cousin get sumthin. but we were kinda lazy. so didnt go lor.

it was a fun afternoon though it was tiring. five adults and two kids in a ninja king. how squishy is that? it took us like about one hour plus to reach there and another hour plus to come back. so approximately three hours plus was spent in brunei/kuala belait (: we went to buy some stuffs and went to makan japanese food. one of my favorite dishes. damn was it nice. ordered raw salmon. yummm~

thats about all thats happened today. will blog again soon. and jst a reminder that in this blog, i'll try my best to not write about those depressing stuffs that happen to me every single day of my life.

btw, today is my beloved sister vallamy's birthday. HAPPY 6TH BIRTDAY SIS !! iloveyou (:

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