Tuesday, September 11, 2007

september 11th

well, today is the 6th anniversary of the terrorist attack. its a very sad day for the people in america esp those in NY. i wonder why these thingys happen. why do people want to fight. whats so good about war anways. cant we all jst live in peace.

its jst so sad to see these kinda things happening in this world huh. and AHEM all those that calls me CNN. esp CASS and DEXTER[who wrote that in his blog]. lame lah you guys. i know i know lotsa stuffs lah. but i get them from other people. and you all are lucky to have me telling you those stuffs. without me, how do you guys update yourselves? lol

and today at school was kinda boring and very hot ler. the fan&lights were like on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off again. babi bah the electricity. what the heck is wrong with it. sooo annoying. the electricity had been like that for like a week or so liao. and haihs PMR in less than three weeks. im like still very very lazy ler. noooo~

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