Sunday, September 23, 2007


i like this song alot (: well it was founded by me in 2005. i was in my cousin's car when he played this song for his daughter who loved it so much. so like i borrowed the disc and since then ive been liking the song alot. and during the year end holidays, my cousins from ipoh came back to miri and like we always went out with them and our miri cousins and i used to play this song all the time in the car. i listened to it all month long and everytime i hear that song, it reminds me of the times spent with my cousins. haih i feel that as we grow older, we mix more with our friends compared to our families. which is such a sad thing dont you think? hmmm. its not good actually. we should spend more time with our families. we should pei yang our gan qing[s]. i realized that when we're young, we are always with our family members. but as we grow older, we dont spend so much time with them anymore. and when we become adults, we hardly contact each other. and that really is a sad thingy. people, i think wo shouldnt let this kinda things happen bah, RIGHT? aihhh. i think i better stop crapping about this lah.
well, lately ive been so so wanting to go to Kota Kinabalu a.k.a. KK and Kudat. haihs i dont think my parents wanna go lah. i mean my dad's cousin and his big family are like going on a vacation and my mum doesnt wanna bother them. i told her to call them sooner to know when they are leaving so that we can go there earlier but she doesnt want to call. i really really really really really wanna go mann. ive been wanting to go there since my last trip to KK which was in march. cant my parents be more considerate and ring them up? at least know when theyre leaving bah. my mum kept telling me that we can go next year. i wanna go there eat banyak2. the beef thingy. and got the pork thingy too. i wanna taste it. i wanna see my nephew. but im scared he wont be there anymore next year. i havent got a chance to talk to him yet and i really wanna see him again. i think im becoming very cacat. i mean ive been trying to find his profile in friendster for the past four days. babi lah me. i feel so miserable right now =\

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jessie said...

Be patient, girl..
U'll get ur chance...

Hehehe.. * winks *