Wednesday, September 19, 2007


woke up at 6.19am today. i didnt go to school. too sick to even get up. urghh. i feel so miserable. i didnt even go to tuition last night. my head and stomach hurts so much right now. i wanna sleep but somehow i jst cant. and guess what? it actually felt good to not go to school today. can decrease my stress and i wont have to think so much. like the other day, i was thinking of starting all over. get a new life and moving away and leave everything and good/bad memories behind. its very impossible though. look at how stressed i am. plus, exams coming up in less than two weeks. fcuk it. gahhh !! i cant think properly at all lah. and i thought i could be free after exams, i have to go back to school man. i so do not wanna go back. *big sigh* haihs i think im gonna be even more sick if things dont get better soon. somehow, my life SUCKS to the MAX right at this very moment.

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Aodian said...

Good luck and God Bless for PMR.. Dont take it as a burden but enjoy every moment of it.. yes it sounds crazy and bollocks but what the hey..