Tuesday, August 21, 2007


somehow, i kinda miss oxford pujut. ive got some friends there. i started to tuition there in march this year. and ive been there for five whole months. and in that five months, ive met a few old friends and have new ones too. here are some of their pictures.

peggy and erlene

jannetta and gwendolyn

jeremy with king kong. haha

joel. the so-called third DX member. LOL

sieng ung. haha funny dude.

my science teacher. miss yap

my maths teacher. mdm karen and mr byron

and well my oxford days started out in 2005. mummy put me in that tuition during the year end hols to prepare for form 2. then in 2006 i decided to go again cause my position in school was really bad. so i took four subjects. english bahasa malaysia maths and science. when in 2005 i didnt really have any friends there. but in 2006, whoah. i met a few friends there and theyre awesome. i remembered during maths class was always the craziest. theres joel ivan pricilla and summore others. we always laugh at the tiniest stuffs. there was once when joel called ivan susan. and some other names. and he even made the fei mao actions. damn it was funny. and that time the teacher kept rushing us to finish the maths. so we did the questions slowly while laughing. when class ended like 1 hour 30 minutes later, me and pricilla only did five questions. we even took turns to go to the toilet to actually stop ourselves from laughing and try to breathe *oops* and english was fun too cause i loved the subject. science.. so-so lah. kinda fun too as we were always listening to pricillas's mp4. and BM, hehehe theres this dude there. two years younger than me. me and jia tian always looked at him in class. haha and i think he saw us looking at him. but its really nice to look at him. i loved hair and the way he dresses and that jay chou smile *drools* hehehe

the only picture of pricilla that i have.

then it was 2007. i didnt go for tuition in january and in february i started to tuition at yakin there. one month later i moved to pujut. then in august, i moved back to yakin. few of my classmates are there. its actually fun too but i do miss my pujut and last year end days.

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