Saturday, September 15, 2007


nothing much happened these days actually. so i'll jst briefly blog about thursday yesterday and today. so, on thursday, nth much happened. some pegwai people came and i was chosen to answer some questionnaire thingy about malaysia's 50 years of independence. then in the afternoon, i went out with daddy to look for woofers. yeah, you heard it right. its those thingys you install in your car to make it go boom boom boom when you switch on your stereo. i wonder why he even likes these things. isnt he supposed to listen to those ahpek songs like most og my friend's parents? hmmmm. then at night got tuition as usual. then yesterday, also a normal day. nothing much happened. when evening came, i had to go tuition. then 20 minutes after class started, guess who arrived? none other than mr joel thomas. i havent seen him in like a month and a half. i kinda miss that guy. we were quiet at first. then later we started to talk and talk. and jst like before, he'll be saying those words ever so loudly. like example 'hows your vagina[sumtimes he pronounce as va-gee-na]? or hows your cock? or eh send me that cock. eh what the hell am i saying?' or sumthin like that. hehe that was geography class. then it was time for sejarah. before that, we went to buy some stuffs. tze hun and amelio followed. on the way back, we met the ivan. lols and in class, we jst listened to songs and talk. well i didnt really talk lah. its mostly the ivan and the airasia owner talking. that joel kept playing with my hair and messing it up. someday, im gonna take my revenge for messing it up. but it was fun having him around. then it was today. my cousin came over in the afternoon. only for an hour nia. then daddy went to 'zhuang' the woofer. i couldnt believe he actually bought one. its not those super good ones like alpine. this is jst some ordinary laoya woofer. less than 300 watts de cause its for my mini two-doors suzuki vitara. actually, the whole morning&afternoon was kinda boring. except for tonight. i went to dynasty hotel to have dinner with my family. it was replacement for my sister's birthday as we went to brunei on that particular afternoon. while eating, i saw some dudes/guys there. one of them was thechef there. he looked cute. then came this guy. around my age or younger i guess. he looked cute too. about half an hour later, about four or five ahbengs came in. not so good looking though. hmmmm. theres this dude also. with his girlfriend. she was acting so manja around him. and guess what, that dude's left arm is covered with tattoos. kinda scary. i wonder what would happen if he lost his temper over her manjaness. haha so after dinner, we came back home straight away. so bloated + tired. gonna sleep after this post.

btw, i jst realized sumthin. my definition for guys. its what i thought about jst now. kinda random and its my opinion for now. my mind may change anytime though. so for the momeny, i'll list it here.

CUTE - with/without glasses. black digital watch. not so nice hair&clothes. jst normal tee and jeans with the flat hair. abit like those nerds but way better looking than them. or jst got the face.
HANDSOME - those with the looks. their face nia lah. like even those older ladies say so too.
ENGTAO - got the hair. the clothes too. very in-style. got the looks and some do dance. kinda pan sat too.
HOT - close to perfect. got almost everything wanted by girls.

thats all for today. sorry no pictures. goodnite. and i will update soon. or maybe after exams =\

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