Monday, September 17, 2007

take a look

this is the personality quiz i took.

and this is the IQ test i took.

IQ Test Score

omg. look at my IQ test score. 117 nia ler. not so good. haih im getting all emo-ish again. i dont like it lah. it feels sooo miserable. i want to be the old me. the one who used to smile and laugh all the time without even faking it. damn its hard to do that these days. i havent really been happy at all. well got lah, but ABIT nia. and that abit = nothing. dammit. shiet. fcuk. i cant take it nemore. i really need a break. and crying alot aint helping me much. gahhh !! i'll go take a rest lah. grrrr.

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