Monday, September 17, 2007

tak tahan lah.

i cant wait for PMR to be over. i wanna go out. go have fun and forget all the bitterness of my life. i cant stand it anymore. i dont wanna cry every single day over stupid stuffs. i know im stubborn and all but cant i stop thinking. maybe the ass was right. i did think too much. aihh. things are jst so hard right now. exams in two weeks and im feeling very lazy&tired these days. how can this be? i need to study ler. cham cham cham cham. I WANT PMR TO BE OVER RIGHT NOW. aargh !! im like so so stressed and fcuked up right now. my life is in such a horrible mess and its falling apart bit by bit. i need to put it back together but seriously, i dont know how ):

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