Thursday, October 4, 2007

its gonna end soon

WOOTS (: PMR is gonna end tmrw. ohmg. i cant wait man. at 9.31am 5th october 2007 we're all gonna be so freeee~ everyones so gonna shout their lungs out for its MERDEKA for all form3 students in Malaysia. and then everyones gonna go celebrate and hang out till the break of dawn. lols i cant wait to go Brunei and go out and go highlight my hair. hopefully things will turn out right though we still have to go school until November ):
but still, my stress will be gone for the time being. and i wont have to go so emo-ish anymore. ahahaha. btw, i havent blog for like almost two weeks. hehs nothing much happened though. hmmmm. these few days were okay. got PMR and like not much fun going on bah. need to study study study. well its geography tmrw. not that important anyways.
well, im off to study now. i'll blog again tmrw. AFTER THE FINAL EXAM.

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