Sunday, January 25, 2009

yes, its been reaaaally busy for me since Friday.
been having family dinners and this and that all weekend.
and theres more to come cause tmr is CHINESE NEW YEAR !
omg i friggen happy at the moment.
the thoughts of bai nian-ing and getting ang baos and wearing clothes really makes me happieeee ;D

anyways, i'll summarize up all thats happened since my weekend started.
so on Friday my relatives came for dinner at my house.
mummy cooked laksa for everyone.
ive talked about this briefly in one of my previous post i think.
then yesterday, we went to Gloria Hotel to celebrate grandmama's 80th(chinese) birthday.
and it was like the best day of my 2009 life. lol
everyone was telling each other meaningless jokes.
i havent laughed so much since a gazillion years ago.
it was really fun lor cause like most of my cousins were around this time.
there was about 30+ of us there?
and like another 3 family werent there with us last night.
which means, another 30+ people gone.
the birthday cake baked by Nicholas was really big and tasty too.
then tonight is the CNY eve dinner.
everyone was really having fun talking and eating together lor.

you know, sometimes i wonder how long will this last.
this family gathering and stuff like that.
it seems like as everyone becomes older,
the chances of having family gathering decreases.
and my grandmama's alrdy very old too.
ive seen many family that dont have family gatherings anymore.
everyone is on their on.
like you have yr family and i have mine
and everyone dont contact each other anymore
then families members start to drift apart and everything.
its really sad when you think about it lor.

*fire crackers starts to play*
*boom booom booooom !*
*goes out to the balcony to watch with mummy*
*neighbours put pretty fire crackers*
*see sakai neighbours watching it outside their house*
*come back in, helps mummy put on toenail polish*
*talk talk talk*

LOL it jst started raining very heavily.
the fire crackers have been put for about more than half an hour now.
i guess this rain is to stop people from putting more
cause soooo many other people are like sound asleep right now.
anyways, its CNY today.
will be going to mass later at 7am.
so yeah, im off to put on some toenail polish on my own toes.
goodnight :)

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