Friday, January 23, 2009

iv realize that i havent really been blogging much lately.
well, ive been really busy with school and im kinda lazy to update. hahah
anyways, CNY is coming reaaaal soon lor.
kinda really excited about it.
visiting houses and receiving angbaoooooo :D
not to mention the night bazaar too.
lol speaking of that, this year my family really laoya lo.
only went like err one and a half times?
first day open, wanted to go but raining.
so my parents go makan at open air then drive around the place.
then two days ago got go awhile but not much to see
cause not yet opening ceremony.
then tonight i went with daddy only
cause my cousins and uncles and aunties came over to eat laksa.
went down xia, saw Nicholas and Nelius.
two tall dudes, from far also can see dao anyways. lol
then daddy went to talk to them.
was walking towards their direction when suddenly someone appeared out of nowhere.
and that someone was Ivan. haha
didnt recognize him at first though.
lol he kinda looked abit diff lo.
but he said i never change since form one.
aww, isnt that nice?
it means i still look YOUNG :P

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