Friday, January 30, 2009

2nd landslide in 2009.

btw, i forgot to blog about the landslide.
as you know about 2 weeks ago there was this landslide at the Shell petrol station opposite Parkson.
and today at about 1pm there was another one.
omg yes i know, 2 landslides in half a month.
this time its like about 1km away from the old landslide.
i dont think anyone died though but 6 houses were damaged.
and 8 families had to stay at the Red Crescent HQ temporarily i guess.
what a year huh?
feel really sorry for those people lor.

but hor, i somehow feel that its like the Tsunami.
like its a warning or sth from God.
its like Hes telling us to repent. omg
i mean seriously, things that never happened before are starting to happen.
and it seems really really scary lor.
heres a video and pic of the incident.

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