Thursday, January 15, 2009

tagged by Lus. ive done this before but being the all-of-a-sudden-im-not-lazy person that i sometimes am, i shall do this tag :)

The rules:
State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
The 10 people I tag are then to follow and write their own 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts.
Most importantly, NO TAG-BACKS.

1. i cannot sleep in the afternoon cause i'll definitely wake up with a headache.
2. the most played song in my iTunes is Jay Chou's 我不配, which is 2243 times.
3. i am very in love with a guy name Joe.
4. i like to daydream.
5. little things, words and actions can really 感动 me sometimes.
6. i am reaaaaally afraid of losing the people i love.
7. i always feel like crying. like when i read sth touching, id have this feeling and my eyes will turn watery. or even when im angry and scolding ppl, it'll happen too.
8. before i entered form one, i dont listen to chinese songs.
9. i hate bitter things like bitter gourd, coffee, blablabla.
10. my all time favorite color is blue.
11. im like really attracted to tall guys(not all though) lol but if you put two guys in front of me, most prolly i'll notice the taller(about 180 and above) one first. but if hes more than 6'3" then i'll definitely look at him and forget about the shorter guy. lol
12. i talk to myself.
13. i think i have a little tiny bit of OCD :O
14. i have broken my left wrist when i was 8 years old.
15. i have always wanted twins. one boy one girl that is.

thrs actly some more but i dont remember any others right now. lol btw, im gonna break the 2nd rule cause im too lazy to tag. hehs

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