Friday, January 2, 2009

omg my class is gonna be in Block A.
not that its a bad thing or what but the canteen/toilet/lab is soooo far away.
although ive been hoping form 4 would be in Block A,
i was alrdy used to it being in Block E.
plus, its nearer to the three places i mentioned jst now.
ahh, at least class got aircond lo(hopefully its working since its new).

i went to my sister's school today.
seeing her in class reminds me of how much i missed being in primary school.
life was so much easier back then.
no stress, no worries, no big exams. omg
oh and i saw my cousin's ex wife bringing her son to school.
shes got such beautiful long hair T______T
you know, she looks so much like my nephew's sister instead of his mum.
shes like so young(24 only leh) and her anak is so old le.
feel so jealous right now. omg
anyways, went Parkson with mummy and sister after coming back from school.
its my first time going to Toys R Us and the things there quite expensive wor.
saw this doll with super huge eyes like this ----> @@
lol sort of ugly at first but shes kinda nice to play with.
she can even "pee" and "poop" -_____________-"

my cousins were there too so they asked us to have lunch together at McD's.
so we went there and omg it was friggen hot.
felt they all the airconds were rosak or sth.
i sat at the next table with my parents and cousin.
my nieces were with my sister at another table and they all looked so cute.
little girls in dresses eating fries and burger. lol
and i cant believe my dad, my cousin and i finished 7 large fries.
and the err 1 or 2 of that curly fries thingy.
lol we were on our 4th one when my mum came i think.
then we kept on eating and eating. omg

btw, school is starting on Monday.
why so fast wor?
i havent even finished enjoying.
and also my drama marathon. omg
i need more holidays.

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