Monday, January 26, 2009

its almost the end of day one of CNY.
ive gotten quite a number of hong baos today.
and im hoping to get more than RM850 this year.
honestly, i was hoping it'd be more than 1K but thats kinda almost impossible
so yeah, if got RM850, its good enough.
so far ive alrdy got around half of the amount mentioned above.
jst hope that daddy will be more rajin to visit more houses in the following days.
haha anyways, we visited my cousin's cousin de house today.
omg dahlah the outside of the house is alrdy really pretty,
the inside is much much prettier than the outside. lol
about 20+ of us went to visit their house.
really speechless when i stepped in the front door.
its by far the nicest house ive seen in Miri so far.
everyone went extremely sakai the whole time we were there.

oh and i read ____'s blog today.
my first time reading his blog lor.
never knew he got blog also. haha
well the way he wrote some of his posts,
it was like err full of passion? lol
idk lah but i could feel that hes a good person.
but he never seems to show this good side of his.
not in front of any of us that is.

ps: i jst remembered one thing, my(almost) favorite car in Miri has undergone surgery. and it looks diff now. OMG
pps: i saw two dudes at the bazaar on Friday night. both really attracted me lo. haha one was holding a camera and the other looked like some rich kid. haha the first one looked like one really filial kid. he was with his parents and hes only 21. quite ngam for me lo. LOL jk jk and the other one, i loved his perfume. we were in the middle of this "traffic jam" at the market and we were literally stuck to each other. wooosh, we were even wearing the same bracelet thingy. hahah
ppps: i want many hong baoooooooo.

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