Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

aaaaah ! i woke up too late again. omg
this time, im not gonna sleep.
so i guess i'll be continue-ing my drama marathon tonight.
after everything's done that is.

so today's Christmas.
went to church as usual and my neighbour(+ her son) tagged along.
after mass we went to Boulevard Restaurant for some Calvary Christmas Celebration.
there were quite alot of people there but around less than 3 tables of people were chinese.
so yeah, it started at around 9am?
thought we were gonna eat soon, cause its a eat-for-free thingy. lol
but then the people were having praise and worship.
one of the lady told my mum that theyre not gonna eat until like 11am or so.
so we left as daddy was kinda busy too.Add Image
then mummy and i went to Boulevard to buy some stuffs.
came back home and helped abit in the kitchen.
everyone came around 5.30pm and started eating around 6pm i think.

the food tonight was really good.
theres spaghetti, roasted chicken, sausages, french fries, raisin rice, coleslaw, and so on.
i think i can feel that my tummy is gonna explode anytime soon.
well after dinner we had this exchanging gifts thingy with the kids.
they had this lucky draw thingy so the last present was mine.
and guess what? i got a box. those cute box that you have to fix yrself.
luckily i got that cause my room is lacking space to put all of my things :S

theyre all still downstairs though.
jst came up awhile to blog.
btw, Merry Christmas to everyone reading my blog :D

the little booklet with some songs' lyrics in it

the lovely heart shaped candle

btw, mixing orange juice with red wine and zappel does taste kinda good. lol its like when you drink it, you can taste all the three diff drinks in yr mouth(well thats how it felt jst now).

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