Tuesday, December 16, 2008

so i havent been blogging for about a week le.
supposedly i told myself to blog like around Christmas which is next week.
but i realize that when i dont blog, lots of things happen and its like ive got so much to write.
but when i blog, theres nothing to blog about. ==

ohh and my earning in nuffnang increased ABIT.
do you friggen know how happy i am right now? omg.
and partly because of that, i have decided to blog now.

uhh, im going on a vacation tonight.
will be back this Saturday night.
guess what? im on the same flight as Michelle this Saturday(i think). lol
hopefully things will go smoothly.

btw, this morning while checking my mail, i saw this email from a dude named Leon.
the subject was "Hi" so i thought, "maybe its not a forwarded mail".
but who knows, when i check, it was about Streamyx and err phone lines?
well, the main point is that he sent that mail to about 10 people?
and all the recipients email have the name "vivian" in it.
jst look at the picture below.

click on it for a larger view. lol

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Anonymous said...

Yea, I received the same mail too! didn't open it though, just delete it.