Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i hate arguments and crying.
yet it still happens.
it has been going on for so long now.
in a week, maybe only 2-4 days things get along normally.

anyways, this morning while having breakfast daddy's friend came to our house.
he asked if we heard the sound of sth like explosion or sth around our area.
well, we did hear many dogs barking and it was raining quite heavily.
he told us that a house nearby(jst turn left from my road) was err kinda demolished?
dont know whats the correct word for it but we drove past the house jst now.
the car back mirror was broken, the gate lights and front door also.
i heard that last night around 10pm or so, few cars went to the house and wrecked it.

then after dinner we went to church and did some cleaning.
my job was to sweep the floor and omg it was really hot.
my sister's face literally turned bright red after cleaning for a while.
the men took out the fans and cleaned it so yeah, no wind at all.
took us about an hour plus and around 8.20pm we went to Boulevard.
bought some Christmas thingy from Super Save and went Hypermarket buy some food.
ohh, i saw my aunt and cousin there too.
my cousin was wearing this muscle tee or singlet as you call it.
wants to show his newly built muscles i suppose and his tattoos too.
he looked kinda cool from behind though.
talking about that, i kinda want a tiny tattoo too. lols
a small one will do(cause its really expensive).
btw, i bought this mag too :D
so long didnt buy any mag le and this time, no hubby in it.
what to do, Roy was on the front cover and he totally took my breath away. LOL

ps: Happy Birthday Allan ! :)

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